goat breeding plans / price list for next spring

we require a $100 deposit on kids with a second choice. Deposit for Baby goat, Specify buckling, or doeling and which doe the deposit is on, by name and breed Goat deposit Deposit $100 Remainder is due within 2 weeks of Kids birth, No refunds on Cancelled orders, deposits may be Moved, or returned only If the doe doesn't produce a kid. I suggest picking a second choice kid. We ship out of FWA (fort wayne indiana) buyer pays for shipping, crate, health papers. Get your name in Early for 4-h wethers as we sell out quickly! : ) Check out the for sale page for baby photo's send deposit to Bryrpatch 2575 S 800 E Angola, Indiana 46703

 Nubians: *B Blissberry Mi Vida Loco will be bred to the following for March kids
 SG Bryrpatch Victorian Renasance bucks only available $600 
 Bryrpatch Show Sto Dbl P ER Bucks only $600
 Bryrpatch Queen Of Memphis $500 
 Bryrpatch Straight No Chaser$500
 Bryrpatch Sizzlin'Hot Romance $400 
 Bryrpatch Lady Antebellum $400
 Bryrpatch Ladybug's Picnic $400
 *B Goldthwaite Morocco will be bred to the following for March kids
 SGCH Lunamojo SAC Night Moves buck kids $1000, Does $1200
 SG Bryrpatch B'lou Moon Rising Bucks $900, Does $1000 
 Bryrpatch LL B'lou Suede Shoes $400
 Bryrpatch Mayflower $400 

 Bryrpatch LadyHawke will be bred to Bryrpatch Show No Credence for April Kids doe kids $400 

 BOE Farms Everclear 3rd Wave will be bred to the following for March Kids 
 Bryrpatch Win-Some Troian Lass $500  
 Bryrpatch Jewel $400 
 SHR Farm Pure Daisy $350
 SHR Farm 9' Tall & Bulletproof for April Kids $300

 MagMar's HCB Basil will be bred to the following for March kids:
   Magmar's LDX Lolita $400
 BOE Farms Mary Jane$350
 Bryrpatch Troian's Regal Lass for April Kids $300