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Entire Herd tested CAE currently negative

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Whey-To-Go DR Alabaster Stone 4*M  DNA
1-05 LA VVVV 86
2-03 LA VVVV 88
03-06 LA EEEE 91
04-03 LA EEEV 89
05-06LA  EEVE 91
 We have retained and used many of Stoney's bucks over the years. 
2015's buck kid retained is *B Bryrpatch DR Win-Stone DNA
we are planning on using him heavily next year 2016


 Sire Des Ruhigestille Eins
89 VVV

SS:  +*B Briarwinds Tangier  EEE 90
         SSS:  SG++*B Companeros Morocco
         SSD:  SG Briarwind Pharoh Tana 10*M
SD:  SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elentara 7*M  LA 91EEEE
1st place 5 year old 2005 Nationals 2 X 1st in her class at Nationals, 2 X Top Ten milker
         SDS:  SG++*B Briarwinds Pharoh Talut
                03 &05 National Show Premier Sire
                 sire of 6 National Show class winners
                 Top Ten daughters Elentara, Elessea and Kaza
                 LA appraisal 7 daughters FS 90-92, all with E in mammary
                 7 GCH daughters
         SDD:  SG des Ruhigestelle Elf  6*M
                 3 LA appraisal daughters FS 90-91,  two Top Ten daughters
                  dam of dR Elowah 2001 Top Ten: #1 milk, #1 protein, #2 fat
                  3-00 305 5450 216 4.0% 159 2.9%                     

Dam: Whey-to-go Amethyst LA 91 EEEE

Sire: *B Des Ruhigestelle Viking
SS: +*B Des Ruhigestelle Merwin (out of SGCH Des Ruhigestelle Winner LA 91 EEEE Canadian National Champion 1993)
         SD: SGCH McQuitty Farm Blueberry (2003 Spotlight Sale Doe LA91 EEEV) 3*M

Dam: Whey-to-Go Sapphire (GCH Saanen doe kid at Boise 2006 over 22 does (LA 90 VEEE) 2*M
DS: *B Two Ceders Victor (LA91VEE)
         DD: GCH Desert Air Krystal 1*M

  We aquired Stoney, and her half brother Einy from Camille O'Connor and crew at the Copper Penny Ranch in Idaho.  We couldn't be happier with both of these new additions.   Thanks Camille!




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