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DOES:  Anthem
YS  +V++

  SG Bryrpatch Yellow Chamomile
Bryrpatch RE XX's and OO"s

Kastdemur's Washed Ashore

State Line B Dbl E Dbl R un


Strawberry Wine
Blissberry Freedom of Speech
Bryrpatch P American Anthem
Herd Tested Negative for CAE 1/22/10
Anthem's LA +V+ + YS
LA 1-0  ++A+  82  JUST Freshened

Sire: Pruittville's Pilgrim 
His Sire *B CH Pruittville's Explorer 90 EEE (2011)

SS: Kastdemur’s Next Expedition

         SSS: SG +*B Kastdemur’s LE Exacta

         SSD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Next Exit EX90


SD: SGCH Pruittville’s Huckleberry 3*M 92EEEE

         S DS: +*B GCH Heatherwood's Clovers Saint (HES 90)

          SDD: GCH Pruittville’s E/A Strawberry 2*M EX90

CH Pruittville's LG Lantana 92 EEEE (2011)

DS: *B Pruittville’s Legend 92EEE

      SS: Wildwood SN Tornado

      SD: SGCH Pruittville’s Huckleberry 3*M 92EEEE


DD: CH Pruittville’s Nantucket 92EEEE

      DDS: ++*B Price O The Field Lizzie’s Rex

      DDD: GCH Pruittville’s Pretty Posie 90VEEE

His Dam and Sires info can be found
on the Pruittville website

Dam :Bryrpatch Star Spangld Liberty

year old ff
Sire *B Blissberry Freedom Of Speech

Grand Dam: Blissberry Show Me Victory
LA 3-05 VE+V 86
Grand Dam as a 3 year old second freshener



Tested Negative for CAE 1/30/09, 1/22/10

This is our Favorite Doe we've Ever purchased.  She has a long line of Impressive Relatives on both her Sire's and Dam's Side.   We lucked out in 2007 that Torrie gave birth to quads and three of them doelings! 
Thank You Sara for letting us bring one of your Torrie Daughters into our herd. 

sire: Blissberry Show me the Money

S:SG++*B Kastdemur’s Final Justice ( littermate brother to the 1999 ADGA National Champion, GCH Kastdemur's Crown Finale 2*M, and a 3/4 brother to the 1997 ADGA National Champion, GCH Kastdemur's Crown Extatic 3*M)
SS: ++*B Brown Sugar’s Crown Ambassador
SD: GCH Kastdemur’s EP Ashley 1*M

D: SGCH Kastdemur’s FS Santa Cruz 10*M 5-06 EX92 (EEEE)
 1st place with 2nd place Udder Four Year-Old at the 2006 ADGA National

Show and 3rd place with 3rd place Udder Three Year-Old and was awarded

Highest 305 Butterfat at the 2005 ADGA National Show. She is also a current Top

Ten Breed Leader ranking #7 in Milk, #1 in Butterfat and #3 in Protein.

DS: SG ++*B Kastdemur’s LH Full Service

DD: Kastdemur’s Crown Salena 9*M

DOB: March 2005

LA: 2-05 EX90 (VEE) 1-03 VG87 (VE+)
Dam: Lakeshore-farms Victorian

S: *B Lakeshore Farms Oh Henry

SS: +*B Dayspring MB Jericho

SD: GCH Wingwood Farm CD Tamori 3*M

D: SGCH Lakeshore Farms T.P. Lacey 1*M

DS: SG +*B Wingwood Farm Blaise Tamingo

DD: Lakeshore Farms DK Pearl

DOB: March 1997

LA: 7-02 EX90 (EVEE) 5-03 VG88 (VEVE) 3-02 VG86 (VVVV)

National Show Placings:

~ 10th pl. Five-Six Year-Old Milker 2002 ADGA National Show

~ 4th pl./3rd Udder Four Year-Old Milker 2001 ADGA National Show

Lakeshore-farms Victorian Lace: was 4th place Four Year-Old with 3rd Udder

at the 2001 ADGA National Show ,part of the 1st place Produce-Of-

The 2001 INBA All American Four Year-Old. 
She won her
class at the 2004 Minnesota State Fair with 1st place Udder, as well as being a

member of  Blissberry's 1st place Dairy Herd, 1st place Dam & Daughter, and 1st place


She is also the dam of GCH Lakeshore Farms Just Tangy 3*M  5-04 EX90(VVEE) who was the 6th

place Five & Six Year-Old at the 2005 National Show, 3rd place Three Year-Old at

the 2003 National Show and 3rd place Two Year-Old at the 2002 National Show.

Other offspring is Her 2006 daughter,  CH Blissberry Wild Topaz 1-07 Ec (VEcEc), 2-05 VG89 (EVVV)

who was 4th place Senior Yearling at the 2007 ADGA National Show and 2007 MN State Fair Junior Champion. Check Out her Faboulous relatives at Blissberry.com!