Bryrpatch Farms
Is located on an approx 40 acre Hill Purchased in 1995 after the death of my First Husband Chris.
  My 3 older sons Daniel, Nathan, Jessup and I began settling in, with our Black Labrador Ebony.
 We had no electric so we used woodburners, coleman lanterns, a treadle sewing machine
 for much of our clothes and a three seater Outhouse.
 We weren't here very long before we had added two goats, and chickens to our homestead.
Soon afterwards John entered the picture and became my Husband bringing his son Skylar as well. 
I still tease him to this day "John, remember the goats were here first"

As a family we began remodeling our home.  
The boys learned how to run plumbing & sewerlines, how to put up drywall,
tape, mudd, sand, paint.  Hang drop ceiling, roof, install doors.
 They learned how to milk goats, gather eggs, gardening skills, how to hunt and butcher. 
They enjoyed 4-h, winning the occasional trophy. 

We added a new son in 1997 Gage, and in 2000 suffered a massive house fire losing everything. 
It may have been arson, not enough house was left for the investigator to determine.   
We were financially ruined, resulting in the sell off of our entire herd of dairy goats. 

    Later in 2000 we added goats back to our farm, starting with Saanens. 
In 2001 we added Our Only Daughter Francesca (Frankie), she is very different from raising boys!  
When we later added back our Nubians I only added from herds I truly admired.  
I have the whole herd on Milk test, and Linear appraisal every year, Showing occasionally. 
 To this day I cull heavily only retaining goats that appraise, Milk and Show well for me.  I also cull on attitude, I will not put up with a bad mannered animal, or bad manners on the stand. 
As of 2011 currently living on the farm are John and I, Nathan, Gage and Frankie, a pasal of dogs, chickens, rabbits, cats, calves, steer, and well goats... We usually run 20 - 30 year round.
We enjoy festivals where we sell our soap, especially enjoy our customers and hearing their stories!
The kids are into 4-h and learning to show in open shows.
  They love eating raw foods out of the garden, gathering farm fresh eggs, and drinking raw milk.
They rarily ever need to see the Dr.
Gage is our  historian, rabbit raiser, salesman and 2nd milk hand, packaging department, and inventory
 John is our carpenter, prop manager or Prep teck.  He sets up my booth for me, and keeps my Dell computing, Nathan is our baby goat manager, and overall farm hand. 
He's also my fat melter for the soap and a great lotion shaker.
Frankie is our Gardener, excellent at repotting seedlings in the greenhouse, or planting a whole flat in the garden quickly.  chicken wrangler, egg finder, baby goat spoiler.  she's the go to girl for Free samples of soap,
she is also an excellent order packer.   Oh and if it wasn't for her excema as a baby, 
 I might not of ever developed my soap.

They all help wrap the soap, which is a never ending task.

I (Sheryl) am the head Milker of the goats, Maker of the soap, lotion and all products sold by Bryrpatch.
 The designer of the labels, web site pages (with help on occasion) Head Farm and House Manager
 Farm herbalist growing, gathering herbs and trying new remedies for health and skin.

 And as John will tell you head spender of all monies!  

We attend the Metz Christian Church right down the road from our farm.

Sheryl Clifton 8/23/2011

Winter 2011-2012
            This is a slower time for us, the kids and I are cleaning pens making compost piles for the 2013 gardens.   Some of the goat pens cleanings are being spread on the fields.
We've had a few days to go sledding on a large hill out back.  Those sleds really move fast!
The goats are getting large bellies in the barns with the approaching spring kidding season.
In the house we are organizing, and making batch upon batch of soap.
  Once spring gets here we are so busy with baby goats, and gardening there's no time to think.
 Looking forward to next years Farmers Markets, and Festivals.

We Will be at Metz Christian Church Country Christmas Baazar 12/03 9 am-3 pm
Alvarado, York and Hamilton Churches will also have Craft shows on this day,
also the Llama farm further down the road on 800 E from 9-5 For your winter woolies.  
Come out to the Country for some Quality Gifts!

 Bryrpatch will be very busy during our kids 4-h fair
Dates July 15th through July 21st
The kids are each taking four goats with them this year to show,
plus two calves, and an assortment of rabbits, chickens and other projects! 
I'm very proud of all the hard work they do with me on the farm, and in their 4-h projects
I hope you will wish them well on their projects, and thank you for your continued business!
Sheryl Clifton 6/30/2011

1st Renaissance Faire
Located at Buck Lake Ranch
   June 17th 18th 19th
We will have a few of our
 goats there as well
Hope to see you there. 
(what a blast this was! )
A Special Thanks to everyone, who let my Daughter help them wash their hands in goat milk soap,
 took a free sample, or fed the baby goats for her. 
I think she had fun showing off the baby goats. 

Bryrpatch Goat Milk Soaps
 I began making goat milk soaps around 2001, when my little Daughter developed Excema.  Having had goats since 1995, I had previously heard about the healing properties of goat milk.  Using Goat milk Soap feels as if you were washing with lotion.  Once you have tried for yourself the natural creamy goodness of handmade goat Milk Soap, you will understand why people since ancient times have been using milk for skin care. 
Goat Milk Soap has a ph level closer to your skins own ph level then store bought soap.  Goat milk naturally contains Lactic Acids and Alpha-hydroxy acids, also vitamins A, D, & E  Goat milk Soap is extraordinarily gentle and tender even to the driest of skin.  Our handcrafted, cold-processed bars retain all of the moisturizing glycerin formed in the soap making process.  So you may find you need less lotion when using our all natural Goat milk Soap. 
Our soap are made from Food grade ingredients,
our herbs and milk are from our own quality
 registered dairy goats, and herb farm!    

I personally Handcraft In small batches 
each batch of Lotion, Balm, or soap myself.
We never use Large factory batch tanks.
Or allow my children to handle raw soap and Never will.
This ensures Quality control and safety
 for your family and mine.
Sheryl Clifton 6/10/2011

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