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I personally Hand make each small batch
 of Soap, Lotion, or Balm myself.
no Large factory type operations here ever! 
This ensures Quality control and safety
 for your family and mine.
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Bryrpatch Goat Milk Soaps

I first heard about the healing properties of goat milk when I began raising dairy goats back in 1995, I later began making goat milk soap for my baby daughter; it was just what she needed for her eczema!  If you have never tried it before youíre in for a treat.  It feels just like you are washing with Lotion.  In fact before I began making the soap, my hands would crack and bleed every winter. However the first five years that I made our soap, I never used a drop of lotion.  To this day I rarely ever use lotion anymore.  Goat milk is full of Natural goodness, with things like Vitamin A, Lactic Acid, alpha-hydroxy Acid.  These gently exfoliate your skin naturally. 
Goat milk gently cleans, rejuvenates, and softens your skin.

Goat milk soap has a PH level Closer to your skins own.         

I also still Hand milk the does, twice a day year round with the help of my five children.    Daniel, Nathan, Jessup, Gage, & Frankie  
Ė Sheryl Clifton
Our soaps are made from food grade ingredients, our herbs, and milk are from our own quality registered dairy goats, and herb farm!

. Therefore, goat milk soap is extraordinarily gentle and tender even to the driest of skin.
Each one of our bars is handcrafted, cold-processed, and aged.                  
   You may find you need less lotion when using all natural soaps    

We use 100%     
Fresh Goat Milk
To make each bar of soap!      


  Once you have tried for yourself the natural creamy goodness of handmade goat Milk Soap, you will understand why people since ancient times have been using milk for skin care. 
Goat Milk Soap has a ph level closer to your skins own ph level then store bought soap.  Goat milk naturally contains Lactic Acids and Alpha-hydroxy acids, also vitamins A, B6, B 12 & E making it an excellent natural moisturizer, it's also high in protein, and triglycerides that will nourish your skin. 
In our Goat milk Lotions we use Shea butter and Mango butter, Shea butter is well know to help moisturize while provideing a silky protective barrier for all skin types.  Honey is used in our Goat milk and Honey soap and Lotion, its a natural anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory. 
Goat milk Soap is extraordinarily gentle and tender even to the driest of skin. 
Our handcrafted, cold-processed bars retain all of the moisturizing glycerin formed in the soap making process.  So you may find you need less lotion when using our all natural Goat milk Soap.  
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